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Welcome to the largest dedicated quad monitor backgrounds website on the internet.
Quad monitor backgrounds (AKA quad screen wallpapers) are backgrounds that span four screens. (Expand)
If you are here it is assumed you have four monitors. All our quad monitor wallpapers are free and many more are added all the time, usually every day.
New features are always being developed and if you have any quad monitor backgrounds you would like to see added to the site just register and upload them.
So please get involved with the site by rating wallpapers and support the artists (many of whom frequent this site) by commenting on the images. Critique is also encouraged.
To get started, just click on a category at the bottom of this page or use the search box up top and enjoy our amazing range of quad monitor backgrounds!
We really appreciate donations which go to helping us pay for server costs. Click here to donate to qmb. (Collapse)

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