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https://chasourcing.com/collections/gaiwan/ gaiwan At ChaSourcing, we take pride in offering high-quality gaiwan products designed to enhance your tea-drinking experience. A gaiwan, a traditional Chinese lidded bowl used for brewing and drinking tea, represents centuries of tea culture and elegance. Our collection features beautifully crafted gaiwans made from premium materials such as porcelain, glass, and ceramic, each chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal.Our porcelain gaiwans are adorned with intricate hand-painted designs, reflecting the artistry and tradition of Chinese tea culture. These gaiwans are perfect for those who appreciate classic elegance and detailed craftsmanship. For a more modern touch, our glass gaiwans offer a sleek and transparent design, allowing you to watch the tea leaves unfurl and infuse, providing a visually captivating brewing experience.Ceramic gaiwans in our collection are known for their excellent heat retention and natural aesthetic, often featuring earthy tones and textured finishes. These gaiwans are ideal for tea enthusiasts who appreciate a rustic and organic feel.

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